8 Best Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Are you suffering from being non-productive? We all have those days. Heck last Friday, I took an impromptu day off just because. It happens to the best of us. So how can you finally conquer productivity? Take a look at our 8 daily habits to be a more productive blogger.

8 Blogging Productivity Tips

Being productive means you’re getting your stuff done.

You are meeting your deadlines, doing your tasks, which all contribute to your end goal of running a successful blog. Here is what you can do to help.

1. Wake Up Early

When I switched from waking up at 10am to waking up at 7am, I got so much more done. Then, you can end your day earlier, and you can always feel like you’re getting a head start every single day.

It just feels better.

Have you tried this?

Productivity Tips for Bloggers

If you’re not a morning person, this might feel like a struggle but set your alarm clock early and try this for a week. What a lot of wealthy and successful entrepreneurs have in common is waking up early, like 5am or earlier, kinda early.

Give this a try. You will love it!

2. Make a List

You cannot keep up with everything in your head.

Write it down.

Whether it means jotting it down in your computer or cell phone notepad or physically writing it down, make sure to just get it down. Because you can forget things. I certainly do.

This is helpful for all aspects of like: doctors appointments, dinner parties, kids recitals, events, date night, etc.

This one will put you one step closer to being a more productive blogger.

This planner is one of my favorites from Amazon, because nothing encourages you to write more than a pretty planner, right 😉

3. Work in Batches

Set a timer for say, 1 hour. Then do a batch of work in that time. When 1 hour is up, take a break. Reset your timer, rinse and repeat.

This is great for work in general, and especially awesome for writing. You can churn out a batch of blog writing at a time to really stay on top of your blog content.

Read more about batching blog content.

This is something I have had a lot of success with. Give it a try.

4. Line Up Daily Tasks

Plan your day in advance, hour by hour, if you can so you can really laser focus on your work. Pick a blog post for the day or multiple or a project to work on.

5. Use Templates in Your Writing

This is so incredibly helpful.

This tip I hope to execute on this blog soon, I’ve done it on past blogs with success.

Create a template for:

  • A blog post
  • A review post
  • An informational post

And any other types of content you produce on your site.

Paste that post template and start writing.

6. Bookmark

Bookmark important pages for later.

For example, I know that I always frequent sites like these:

So, I bookmark them, saving to my Bookmarks for easy access in the future.

It literally shaves a few seconds off my time every time I access but that time does add up.

7. Don’t multi-task

Multitasking kills your focus. If you try to do too many tasks at the same time you can end up spreading yourself too thin and it can lead to frustration and procrastination. As I said earlier try to line up your daily tasks and then do them one at a time.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

This may sound funny but typing with shortcuts saves time and helps with productivity.

CTRL + C is for copy

CTRL + V is for paste

CTRL + P is for print

These are just a handful of shortcuts.

You will have a handful of shortcuts you use all the time and you will memorize them quick. Here’s a guide for keyboard shortcuts to check out.

There you have it, 8 quick and simple productivity tips for blogger.

Blogging Productivity Tips

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