What to do Before Starting a Blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog? It’s an awesome venture to take on and a fun, lucrative project that can turn into your full-time job!

When I first started blogging, it took me less than a year to reach $12K/month. It was a fun rollercoaster and since then, I’ve created and sold dozens of blogs.

Read more about my adventures flipping blogs.

6 Thing to do Before Starting a Blog

Do you really need a checklist? Yes!

If you don’t have a checklist or a list of things to do before you launch then when you launch you’ll get less than memorable results probably.

These things are super critical to a successful blog launch and help you introduce your blog to the public with a bang.

Here they are!

1. Create a Content Strategy

Think about your posting schedule and create an editorial calendar.

Figure out how often you will post, the ideal length of blog posts, and your promotion strategy. Try to write at least 2-3 times a week, this will help you to get your blog established and gain trust with your readers.

2. Write long-form content

The longer your content is the better. It is advisable to start writing long content at an early stage in your blogging journey. Having longer form content will help you get indexed on Google search, and hopefully, rank higher as well.

You should be aiming for 1000 words or more with each post/article you write. There is no limit to the length of words. Just correct all grammatical errors. 

3. Write an Awesome About Page

Go crazy here. Share as much as you want about you and about your blog…

  • Why you started the blog
  • Your mission
  • Your purpose
  • What drives you
  • Your goal of the blog
  • Anything else you’d like to share

4. Pick a Beautiful Theme

My favorite themes are here.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog and that includes investing in your theme. Themes are not super expensive and range from $30 to $200. I tend to buy themes in the $80 to $100 range and if you happen to create a new blog in the future, you can reuse that theme usually!

5. Set up Social Media

Social media is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your blog. It will help you get seen online, get brand exposure, connect with your audience and peers and gain so many more awesome benefits.

Before you launch your blog, make sure you set up your social networks AND start posting to them before you launch.

This makes a big difference.

6. Create an Opt-in

Start growing an email list and you can do this even before you launch.

This is my favorite email marketing tool.


Create lead magnets, offer value, email your list, cultivate, nurture and grow your email subscribers. This is important and do this as quickly as possible.

On my first blog, I waited a few months before I started with email marketing because of fear. Big mistake. I missed out on so much time to build my list.

Final Thoughts

When you start a blog from scratch, you’ll have some things to do, for sure.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Take your time and knock out each item one by one.

Put yourself in the best possible position when launching. Make sure you do these things before you launch!

Questions? Comment down below so we can continue the conversation.

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