How to Increase Email Conversion Rates to Your Blog

How to Increase Email Conversion Rates

Split-Testing Simplified

If you are looking for ways to increase email conversion rates to your blog, this article is totally for you! Conversions are your sales.

Not necessarily money sales that put cash in your pocket but it could be an email subscriber sale.

Someone who joins your group kinda in one way or another, you are winning! You are getting the visitor to complete your desired action and that’s called a conversion!

For this article, we’re talking email conversions.

When it comes to email marketing, it truly is a numbers game. The higher your conversion rates, the larger your list will be. The larger your list, the more sales you will make..and so, this is a goal every blogger has.

There are many ways to improve your conversions and your conversion rate.

.Each part of your list and each part of your marketing effort has a job assigned to it, and it’s up to you to make sure it’s performing amazingly well.

That’s where you explore split-testing. By tracking the results you get, then making small changes and comparing the numbers, you’ll begin to see the patterns develop that will make a difference in your results.

And that’s split testing, in a nutshell: the tracking, tweaking, and testing going on, with the goal of continuous improvement.

What Can You Split-Test?

Just about everything…

  • Subject lines
  • Calls to action
  • Button colors
  • Fonts and text colors
  • Opt-in incentives
  • Landing page layout

But here’s the trick to a good split-test: Only test one single change at a time.

You might be tempted to rewrite your headline and your call to action and your button text, but don’t. While it may seem more efficient, the problem with this approach is that you’ll have no way of knowing which change had an effect on your conversions.

Did they go up because of the call to action? Or drop because of the subject line? Who knows?

Instead, make systematic changes to your landing pages and carefully track results. That’s the only way to know for sure what’s working—and what’s not.

Most landing page tools such as LeadPages and ClickFunnels have built in tools for split-testing. If you’re not using these tools, you can also set up split tests using your Google Webmaster tools account.

Testing Open and Click Rates

Your email list manager should provide a way to split-test your emails as well. Open rates are critical when it comes to email marketing and list engagement.

After all, if your audience isn’t opening your mail, they’re not reading it either!

You can easily improve your open rates by split-testing subject lines to determine the format and style most likely to get your readers’ attention.

To improve your click rates, test your email’s call to action.

Set up two identical emails—same subject line and same content—but change the call to action to see which gets the best response from your list. You’ll be able to use this information in later campaigns to improve click-throughs on all your emails.

Just like list-building, it’s never too early to begin split-testing. There’s no magical number of opt-ins you must have to get started.

There’s no amount of traffic that’s too small. So don’t wait—start split testing your opt-in forms and emails now, so you can enjoy the best conversion rates possible.

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How to Increase Email Conversion Rates
Improve Email Conversion Rate

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