5 Tips to Choose a Blogging Topic/Niche 2021

Do you want to start a blog? Are you confused about choosing a niche or topic for your blog? What is a niche? How can you decide on the perfect niche topic for your website?

All these are important questions you might be asking, and you should, because when you decide on a niche, it will, in turn, influence your blogging potential. It can also be really difficult to reverse this decision later, so take your time to decide during the planning stage.

Choosing a niche and adding something extra helps you to compete with the over-saturated online markets. The online and offline worlds aren’t too far apart. Your hands-on skills or talents in your daily life can also make you money online.

How to choose a blog niche topic

From day one, you need to have decided on the niche for your blog. If not, you will focus on multiple things at the same time, which is not good if you want to build a profitable website.

The success or failure of your new blog can very much be determined by your chosen niche. Your decision at the end of the day should be one that is comparatively easy for you to manage and grow a readership.

If you are thinking about starting a blog. Please only embark on this if you have something interesting to write about. I say this because, in the long run, the rate at which you publish something new will decline. Think ahead, write about something that you still see yourself doing long-term.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a particular subject or activity that a person is knowledgeable about or best fitted in. Finding a niche for your blog simply means “choosing a category” that your blog/website is based on.

5 Tips to Choose a Blog Topic/Niche

1. Interests/Skills

One of the first things to consider as a blogger is your personal interests or skills. This is important because if you are passionate and knowledgeable about your chosen niche you will find it easy to come up with post ideas and you are more likely to be successful.

First, get your notebook and pen (or any online notepad), start brainstorming your possible interests, hobbies, knowledge, or skills. Don’t start sorting them just yet, get your list ready first. After you have written out this list, things will start to become clearer to you.

Your interests may range from subjects that are widely popular to subjects that are less popular. However, there will likely be interested readers irrespective of your blog subject. Therefore as a Blogger, you should not be discouraged to blog about even the most unsung subjects.

If you want to blog for financial profit then it is advisable you go for niches that appeal to a larger audience. If you like being creative or you’re good at using certain software, then why not start a tutorial blog and help people by sharing your knowledge about that topic.

2. Assess the Competition

Once you have selected one or more niches or topic ideas that you are considering for your blog, it is now time to begin assessing the competition.

To do this, you need to start visiting other blogs in your selected niche or topic. This will give you a good indication of whether or not the market is already filled with lots of blogs on the subject, as well as the quality of the existing blogs in that niche.

Based on this information you should be able to decide whether or not you are capable of contending for blog traffic with the existing blogs. Also, you can see if there is something that they are missing or don’t included in their content that you could write about.

3. Future goals and potentials

The niche topic you decide on should be timeless. There are some topics that 50 years from now people will still be searching for.

Some topics like health, travel, weight loss tips, gardening are all evergreen topics with large popularity.

So, when selecting a niche based on your interests, look for long-term potential. You can use Google trends to find out what topics trend most in your country or globally. Also, look at what times of the year topics are trending most, as this can affect the amount of income you can make at different times of the year.

4. Be Unique

Okay, after going through some of these points. Your present list of topics should now be streamlined.

Now, why should people listen to what you have to say?

Always try to add something extra to the table based on

  • Extensive research.
  • Experience.
  • Edge and Personality.

5. Know the Purpose of the blog

Another important point to consider is the purpose of your blog. Blogs can be created for various reasons such as financial gains, personal use, and educational purpose or to promote a cause.

If you are creating a blog for personal use then you may only wish to consider your own interests when starting a blog because you are not likely seeking high blog traffic. However, if you are creating a blog for purpose of generating profit or promoting a cause you do have to consider factors such as the ability to generate traffic. In this case, you should choose a niche that appeals to a large audience. Also, the internet should not be saturated with blogs on this niche because it will be a bit difficult for your new blog to garner a share of blog traffic.

Finally, you should choose a niche where you are confident of not only making regular posts but also ensure these posts are original, informative, and interesting.

Checklists when deciding on a niche


  • Choose a niche that you have a lot of knowledge about
  • Make sure you have passion for the topic
  • Try to provide answers & solutions to problems
  • Make sure there is demand for the products or services


  • Don’t choose a niche just because it’s popular, not all popular niches are profitable.
  • Don’t choose a niche that is tough for you to write about.
  • Don’t choose a niche based on people’s opinions.
  • Don’t start a blog in a niche just to make money.
  • Don’t write about something that very few other people are passionate about.

Final Thoughts

I will say a good niche is any blog idea that works for you, related to what you’re passionate about, can be profitable, should have long-term value, and accompanied by good traffic. The niche that works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Having the right mindset is key to selecting a good niche.

Take note: Whether you are looking to start a personal blog or promote a cause. A quality blog with quality content should be what you seek. So, aspire towards that.

If you want more help with trying to find a niche check out our 12 Best Blog Niche Topic Ideas to Make Money.

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